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Our Policies


Kids on Wheels Rules & Regulations

  1. Loud noises or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated
  2. Children must remain seated at all times while the van is moving
  3. Children will be required to wear seat belts when the van is moving
  4. Please instruct children to only get into the "Kids on Wheels" van.
    The van is red inside and the "Kids on Wheels" logo painted on the outside of the van.
  5. It is extremely important for your child to be ready at the pre-arranged time.
  6. If you are not at home at the time arranged, you will be charged for another trip.
  7. Two days notice will be needed to service any request that may arise.
  8. It will be the parent's responsibility to contact me if pick-up has been cancelled.


The information below details the procedure to cancel a scheduled pick-up of your child.
Please call the office the day before or call the cell-line (665-2115) several hours before. Please be advised that messages at the office after 12:00 (noon) will not be checked until I return to my office at the end of the day - so if you need to set-up a cancellation for the current day after noon you must contact me via cell-line. Also, a kind reminder that there is a $10 fee for not cancelling your pick-up on time -- so PLEASE call as early as possible.


Check our Pricing Plan page for our membership rates.
Enrollment Fee. There is an initial enrollment fee of $10.00 per child due at the signing of the Kids on Wheels contract of service.
Deposit. There is a $50.00 re-fundable deposit to secure the services provided by KOW. That deposit shall be applied to any outstanding fee balance which may be due under this contract at any time. Any sums remaining at the end of the contract, after application to outstanding fees, will be refunded within two (2) weeks.
Monthly Fee. The first month's fee shall be paid in advance at the time the KOW service contract is signed. Thereafter, payments are made per month, on or before the last week of each month. That is, the monthly payments are due before the start of the next month's service. Parents are not entitled to a refund of any portion of the monthly fee for cancellations by the Parent.
Late Fees and Charges A late fee of $15.00 will be charged for payments received after the fifth (5) day of each month. Parents are expected to advise KOW of occasions when the child will not be available for pick-up (i.e. the service will be canceled for a particular day). Parents are subject to a charge on every occasion that a cancellation occurs without prior telephone notice to KOW. KOW reserves the right to cancel any membership upon the third cancellation without notice.

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